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The Cincinnati Fire Department underwent a major reorganization of the EMS system on April 5, 2011.  Prior to that date the city was served by 4 ALS ambulances designated as "Rescues" and 8 BLS transport units designated as "Ambulances".  On April 5, the process was completed to convert all of the ambulances to ALS units.  The unit designation was also changed at this time to "Medic" which follows the standard nomenclature used by the rest of the fire departments in Hamilton County. 

At the time of the reorganization, the EMS Field Supervisor was running as Rescue 2 out of Station 2.  This unit was moved to Station 34 and the designation was changed to ALS 34.  A second field supervisor went into service in 2012 as ALS 32 running out of Station 32 and a third supervisor was added in 2013 as ALS 38 running out of Station 38.  It was subsequently relocated to Station 35 where it is currently running as ALS 35. 

In 2012, unit identifiers were added to all Medic and ALS units.  This was a major change for the department since unit numbers had previously been left off all non-fire suppression related apparatus.
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Cincinnati Fire Department - Medic Units

Medic 2  2014Ford / Braun / Lifestar
Medic 3  2017Ford / Braun / EV Plus
Medic 9  2017Ford / Braun / EV Plus
Medic 122017Ford / Braun / EV Plus
Medic 172016Ford / Braun / EV Plus
Medic 192016Ford / Horton
Medic 232016Ford / Horton
Medic 242014Ford / Horton
Medic 292015Ford / Braun / EV Plus
Medic 352014Ford / Braun / Lifestar
Medic 462014Ford / Horton
Medic 512014Ford / Horton


ALS 32  2008Ford Expedition
ALS 34  2007Ford Expedition
ALS 35  2006Ford Expedition

Previously Rescue 38
Previously Ambulance 3
Previously Ambulance 9
Previously Ambulance 12
Previously Ambulance 17
Previously Ambulance 19
Previously Ambulance 23
Previously Rescue 24
Previously Rescue 14
Previously Amb 18 / 21
Previously Rescue 46
Previously Ambulance 51

Established January, 2012
Previously Rescue 2
Established, January 2013

Shop# 41450
Shop# 71450
Shop# 21451
Shop# 71451
Shop# 61452
Shop# 61451
Shop# 61450
Shop# 51453
Shop# 51451
Shop# 41451
Shop# 41452
Shop# 51452

Shop# 80691
Shop# 70691
Shop# 60676

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