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Cincinnati Fire Department - Command / Support Car Numbers


Car 1Chief of Department
Car 2Assistant Chief - Administrative Services Division
Car 3Assistant Chief - Operations Division
Car 4Assistant Chief - Human Resources Division
Car 5Assistant Chief - Fire Prevention Division

Emergency Management

Car 201District Chief - Resource Management
Car 202District Chief -  Administration
Car 203Captain - Fire Garage
Car 204Captain - Special Events
Car 205 Captain - Communications
Car 206 Captain - Administration and Facilities
Car 207Lieutanant - Administration
Car 208Lieutanant - Supply
Car 209Mask Service Unit


Car 301 District Chief - Operations
Car 303 Captain - Operations
EMS 1  District Chief - EMS
EMS 2  Lieutenant - EMS
MD 1    Medical Director
MD 2   Asst. Medical Director
MD 3    Asst. Medical Director
MD 4    Asst. Medical Director
SOC    District Chief - Special Operations


Car 401District Chief - Training
Car 402Captain - Training Operations
Car 403Captain - Training Administration
Car 404Detail
Car 405Lieutenant - Training/Operations
Car 406Lieutenant - Training/Operations
Car 407 Lieutenant - Recruitment
Car 408Lieutenant - Human Resources Liaison
Car 409AV Specialist
Car 410Captain - Internal Investigations
Car 411Lieutenant - Internal Investigations
SO 1   District Chief - Safety
SO 2   Captain - Safety

Fire Prevention

Car 501District Chief - Fire Prevention
Car 503Captain - Special Events
Car 504Captain - Fire Prevention Districts 3 & 4
Car 508Captain - Fire Prevention Districts 1 & 2
Car 509Lieutenant - Environmental Crimes Unit
Car 510Captain - Fire Investigation Unit
Car 511Lieutenant - Fire Investigation Unit
Car 512Fire Investigator
Car 513Fire Investigator
Car 514Fire Investigator
Car 515Fire Investigator
Car 516Fire Investigator
Car 517Fire Investigator
Car 520Firefighter - Juvenile Fire Setter Program
Car 521ATF Agent
Car 522Arson K9
Car 530Fire Specialist
Car 531Fire Specialist
Car 532Fire Specialist
Car 533Fire Specialist
Car 534Fire Specialist
Car 535Fire Specialist
Car 536Fire Specialist

The Cincinnati Fire Department has a large number of command / support staff vehicles.  Frontline apparatus are numbered by the station to which they are assigned while the command / support vehicles are numbered by their functional area. 
Cincinnati Car 1 - Chief of Department